Special friends turn gift giving into an art.

Whimsical Wares partners Debbie and Helaine met in 1995. As they became friends, they were delighted to find that they had many things in common – including a love for art, design and the unique. They also discovered that they both had gift closets – their personal warehouse of those OH-SO-PERFECT gifts that you come across during the year that are just right for friends, teachers and relatives. Those items remain in the closet until it is time to give them (though there are a few too many times that the gifts do not actually make it into the closet!). For both of these seasoned shoppers, the thrill is in the search for the new, unique and uncommon finds.

Friendship grows into a business partnership.
A year later, Whimsical Wares was born – a gift show in metro Atlanta featuring a few artists. With each passing year, the focus on artists’ work grew as did Debbie and Helaine's love for art, bringing about the remarkable evolution of the Whimsical Wares Art and Gift Show. The most recent annual Whimsical Wares Art and Gift Show was a 5-day event held last November. Staged in
a nearby retail space, the event featured over 90 artists and showcased a wide variety of art including glass, clay, fine art, mixed media, metal, wood, fiber and jewelry.

Always in search of something special.
Helaine and Debbie delight in traveling to various art and gifts shows around the country to find unique treasures for their customers. Their husbands and kids sometimes tire of visiting art galleries and festivals while on vacation, but they have grown accustomed to the habit of including them on all travel itineraries. They are always in search of work from newly discovered artists, so they can keep the show fresh and fun for both their loyal and new customers.

Making a difference wherever they can.
Elevating the purpose behind the show, Debbie and Helaine began donating a portion of the net proceeds to a designated charity in 2001. Some of the beneficiaries of their generosity have included Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the American Red Cross (for disaster relief), Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation CURE Childhood Cancer, and Ovarian Cycle.